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This is a simple product.


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Photography by @cottonbro.


✅✅ YES, YOU CAN ✅✅

👍🏼YES: You MUST alter the image/items for your personal or commercial use. Or make apart of a design, project etc… where it is not in competition with the original.

👍🏼YES: You can customize and re-brand into your unique product to sell to your customer as PLR… and your customer can sell to their customer only for PERSONAL USE.

👍🏼YES: You can sell to your customer under your Brand as a PLR

👍🏼YES: You can use as apart of a PAID BUNDLE

👍🏼YES: You can offer as apart of a PAID MEMBERSHIP

👍🏼YES: While the source file may be editable and re-branded, the final product must be sold as a Flatten PDF file, and you can only sell under your branding



⛔NO: YOU MAY NOT Sell or Resell the images separately, they must be added to or used in a design

⛔NO: YOU MAY NOT upload these files or any of their images into Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, Pretty Graphix, Creative Market or any other site for downloads or reselling of any files or images

⛔NO: Due to this being a PLR Master Resell Right document, you may not give this file or any of its images away for free (so do not include them in any project or creation that you intend on offering as a Freebie or a Giveaway)

⛔NO: You MAY NOT offer Master Resell Rights or Pass your MRR License to your buyer for this product

⛔NO: You MAY NOT pass on the PLR Master Resell Rights for this product.

⛔NO: You MAY NOT claim to copyright for this product. You CANNOT redistribute any products, design etc.. by The Magical Bohemian or Addicted to Kawaii Shop as digital clipart or claim the item as your own for resale in any shape or form or on any platform.

⛔NO: YOU MAY NOT sell the items/images ‘as-is’, they must be altered, and edited to create something new and non-competing with the original image/item that you purchased.  You may apply any of the images with other clipart or graphics and sell or resell or distribute it in any way.

NO: YOU MAY NOT deconstruct the graphic, combine it with other graphics, repackage, redraw, and resell as digital clipart.

NO: YOU MAY NOT use The Magical Bohemian or Addicted to Kawaii Shop within your design or mention The Magical Bohemian or Addicted to Kawaii Shop in your terms. Again, please remember, you cannot claim ownership of copyright.


Please remember to remove any links or branding for The Magical Bohemian from this product.

Have questions: [email protected]

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Weight 1,5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 in